Daily Dash Week 2 Wind

Tonight a storm is brewing while I am trying to sleep. The storm had strong winds and is noisy, so noisy I could hear it swoosh. the thunder was loud but not loud enough to over power the wind. The lighting strikes every 30 seconds and when it did the wind and the lightning joined each others sound that was very frighting. I could not sleep . I sit up at once from the light from the lightning. I go to the window and look out. The wind is blowing things everywhere. I thought to myself ” I am glad I am in here then out there”.

Daily Dash Week 1 Tightness

Every morning my mum does my hair. She brushes all the noughts out and it hurts. Once the brushing is done she ties it up and it is not a nice feeling because it is too tight. It is so tight I get headache from it and when I take it out from the top of my hair it goes down until there is a bump because it is so tight. It happened a few times and I thought it was an accident or a fluke but I was wrong this is how she ties up hair.

Daily Dash Week 1 Ouch

Everyday is a peaceful day until I trip over and fall right onto my face but something is about to change. The next day I got up early to sneak in some treats for lunch. I tiptoed slowly to the stairs and I slowly put my foot down when someone sneezed. I tripped over my foot and went rolling down the stairs. “Ouch” i said rubbing my head.