BTN Battery Breakthrough Term 2

3 Recalls

– most of our energy is burnt coal or other fossil fuels.
– we lose 70% of that power by heat and lose 10% of energy on power lines.
– Fossil fuels release gas and is changing our climate.

2 Understandings

-Batteries are complicated than you think because it has many chemicals in it for it to work.

– They have created a battery pack that can sit on your wall and store sun energy from solar panels because It keeps in the energy and can preserve it all night.

1 Question

– Are they selling the battery pack now?

BTN Bust A Move Term 2

3 Recalls
– People with disabilitys can still do what they want to do.
– They run dance classes for children, teens and adults with disabilitys.
– They call them self BAM.
2 Understandings
– They call them self BAM because they do it at Bust A Move dance studio in Brisbane.
– people with disabilitys can do want they want because they are still like us.
1 Question
How many people with disabilitys go to the dance school?

BTN Mincraft Parks Term 2

3 Recalls
– There is a competition to create a national park with mincraft.
– Alot of people play mincraft.
– Mincraft lets people create things.
2 Understandings
– There is a mincraft competition for kids because South Australian Government wants the kids to create what National parks should look like.
– They are picking up good skills because mincraft is similar to what real landscape architects use.
1 Question
– How would you be able to build a mincraft park in to reality?

Behind The News Anzac Biscuits

3 Recalls:
– In the war the troops would eat Anzac biscuits.
– They have oats, sugar, flour, butter and syrup.
– You have to mix the dry ingredients first before you add the liquid.
2 Understandings:
– Anzac biscuits were eaten by  soldiers because they lasted for a long time.
– They have to come out of the oven when they are golden brown because if you don’t then it would be over cooked.
1 question:
– What was the date people made Anzac biscutis?

BTN Skating Prodigy

3 Recalls:
– By 9 years old he was already the under 18 skateboarding champion in Australia.
– When he went to normal school he missed a lot of things.
– He was beating kids twice his age and twice his size.
2 Understandings:
– He has to be home schooled because he would miss a lot of school work While he was at competitions.
– He has to train 3 hours a day because he need to train for competitions.
1 Question:
– How many years would it take for him to be the worlds best under 18 skater?

BTN Reef Funding

3 recalls:

-School kids are breeding fish and selling them.
– The great barrier reef is the biggest reef inthe world.
– Every tropical fish they breed and sell it means 1 less taken of Australia’s reef.

2 understandings:
– According to the reef authority they say there are all sorts of things that have started to damage the great barrier reef because of climate change,extreme weather, poaching and illegal fishing.
– As mining increases left over sand gets put in the ocean some say this might make the ocean dirty because ports are being built around the coast.

1 Question:
What will happen if the great barrier reef is all destroyed will you be able to re grow the reef?


3 Recalls:

  1. The banana disease is called ‘Panama Disease tropical race 4’.
  2. This disease is one of the worst banana diseases in the world.
  3. The disease attacks all banana varieties.

2 Understandings:

  1. The disease is a fungus that sits in the soil; it travels up the roots of the banana tree and gets to the fruit because some experts say that the disease is so strong that all it takes is for a speck of dirt from an infected plantation to get on the bottom of your boots to spread it.
  2. The Australian banana industry gets there bananas from northern Queensland where the disease is found because that is where the bananas are grown.

1 Question:

If the disease spreads how many bananas will be supplied to supermarkets and small grocers?

BTN Behind You

Topic: Behind You.

3 Recalls

  • 9 in every 10 bulling situation there are class mates watching it happen.
  • There is a campaign called ‘Behind You’.
  • If one person does the right thing then more will do the same.

2 Understandings

  • 40% of school kids get cyber bullied because the whole world goes on the internet and sees the picture or message of that person.
  • When you see bullying you report it or tell the bully to stop because the victim gets upset and it would keep on happening.

1 Question

  • How can bullying be prevented?

Behind The News Too Loud

3 Recalls

  • 1 billion People aged 12-35 need to turn the volume down.
  • Sounds are made up of tiny vibrations in the air.
  • The strength of sounds is measured in decibels. E.g. A whisper is about 30 decibels, a normal conversation is 60 decibels, the radio is about 75 decibels, and Normal traffic is about 85 decibels and anything higher than that there is a problem.

2 Understandings

  • 1 billion kids are in risk of hearing loss because they listen to music too loud.
  • When sounds are measured over 100 decibels you are in more risk of hearing loss because it is too loud for our ear drums.

1 Question

  • What percentage of people has lost their hearing to loud music?

BTN Kid Business

Behind the News  Kid Business

3 Recalls

  • Tee-shirts are sold in Australia and sometimes overseas.
  • It takes three days to make one tee-shirt.
  • He sells 30 hats and tee-shirts a week.

2 Understandings

  • You have to individually print each tee-shirt because if you don’t the ink will come off.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are to run a business because if you love to do something that should not stop you from doing it.

1 Question

  • Is he making a profit on selling his products and if he is making a profit is that being used to make the product?