100WC Week 8 Term 4

I go for my weekly walk down to the park and see the trees that have blossomed. As I walk my head starts to hurt and makes me dizzy. I want to go so I keep on walking. As I walk along it gets worse and worse and my head starts pounding. I thought that I should go home and get a doctor in to see me. While I walk by I splash some water on my face and it starts to get better. At home the doctor asked how did it feel before when it was really bad. I replied by saying “My head really ached”.

100 WC Week 6 Term 4

As I walk through the fields of red poppies I look up to the sky and think of how lucky I am that there is no war in my own country. The poppies are red and so pretty. I stand and just look as I remember what has happened at the is place. I was at Galipolli in Turkey. I stand here for 1 minute silence while I listen to the bugal play the song. While I am here there are thousands of people here just like me thinking,listening and remembering those who fought because it was Anzac Day.

100WC Term 4 Week 5

As I walk through the bush the trail I am on ends. I decide to go left. I walked down slowly until I see this bone. At first I thought it was for a dog but when I started digging it turned out to be a human skeleton. I ran for my life while screaming my head of. I ran to the entrance of the bush but I never knew why it was there until my mum rang me and told me there was a dead body missing. I dropped the phone and started panicking because I had seen the missing body.

100 WC Term 4 Week 4

On Friday the 13th. I was standing on 13th st at midnight. I roam the streets full of emptiness until a hear a cry of fear. It was unusual I never heard it before. I follow the sound from the direction of my ears until I came to a sudden stop. It was a little girl sitting on a cold hard step. I stand for a few minutes to just watch before I go over. While stand there a whole lot of emotions rush into me. I went to go help her. I sit down next to her and try to communicate with her but nothing she just wouldn’t stop crying.

100WC Term 4 Week 3 Snow

The snow was white and soft to sit on. When I ran my finger tips across the white and delicate snow it felt like a soft cotton candy cloud. I just wanted to eat it because it was so smooth. When I grab a handful of it I can make it in to a hard ball and when it drops it falls apart. When I run across it my feet sink into it because it is so delicate. I felt like I am walking on a cloud. I wanted to take some snow home with me I liked it so much.

100WC Term 4 Week 2 Road Trip

Today was the day I had been waiting for since the start of this year. We were going on a road trip to the beach for a week. The Car was not hot because our car was an convertible. I felt the fresh summer breeze on my face. When we stopped the scorching sun was all around me. We reached the beach and I dived in the fresh and freezing water. The waves crash and I let it push me to shore. My mum calls me to get my surfboard and surf. This was going to be the best week of summer ever.

100WC Week 1 Term 4

I was playing in my netball grand final and we were losing by 4 points. I went to go and intercept the ball people were shouting then in the middle of the noise some one called out you can do it. I believed that I could do I went to go and intercept the ball and cought the ball. I passed it down to our goals and we got a goal. We had the next centre pass but the opposition got the ball and they were passing it down to their end and the WD got an intercept. We got 3 more goals and made it equal and had to play the next week.

100 WC Term 3 Dream Job

My dream job is to be a fashion designer. I like drawing and making them. When I sow it together it just comes to life and I want that to be my dream job. I would love it to be my dream job because fashion is a changing all the time like one style is trending then it ends. Designing my own fashion would be so cool I like shopping for clothes and making them would be even better. I have drawn a lot of clothes and one day I would like to make them to show to the world.

100WC Term 3 (Comic Strip)



Money is power was a parent. “What does that mean” said the little girl.

” Well you said that you have to be driven and have a credit card and that is what parents do and hav”. Said the boy.

“Oh I get it now” said the girl. They decided to spend the girls money and walk down to the shops. They spent the little girls money and got some cool things. They bought a Lego set boy and girl one, a big bouncy ball each and 2 tubs of play dough.

“Wow things sure are expensive”. Said the girl.

” Yeh





100 WC Term 3

I wish I had known you when ……… I was little so we could play together for hours while our parents chatted. We could grow up as friends instead of just meeting each other in year 6. It would have been fun and playful if we knew each other when we were younger.  We could go together like cookies and milk. The thought of knowing each other when we were younger was all I could think about. I wondered if it would be the same as when we were older but do they feel the same way?