Valedictorian Speech

Good evening Parents, Teachers and fallow graduates. It has been a long 7 years of our time and journey at MPPS. We have had a lot of memories that started in Prep when we first met all the way up to where we are today at the top of the school.

We all can admit for some of us our first day of school was very nerve racking but as the days went on it turned out to be not as bad. In the first 3 years of school every ones favourite day would have been Friday because of Friday Fun.

3/4 was when it started to get a bit more serious when we started to do projects and a bit of homework. 5/6 was when everything changed when you started roles and running things. For example the house captains running the sporting events and us all running SEPEP.

As we leave our journey will not end it will continue even though we might not see those familiar faces. We will start our 8th chapter starting high school. As Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

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