100 WC Term 3 Public Money

3 Recalls:

  • Bronwyn Bishop is the speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • Last year she spent her allowance on a luxurious helicopter to Geelong for a fundraiser.
  • It costed her $5227 dollars.

2 Understandings:

  • Some people say the rule needs to be stricter because some people have done it to.
  • Bronwyn Bishop could have taken a 1 and a half an hour drive to Geelong instead of taking a chopper because she wanted a lot of money on the chopper when she could have used it for a more better purpose.

1 Qusetion:

Were the other politics who did something similar did they get fined?

100 WC Term 3 Dream Job

My dream job is to be a fashion designer. I like drawing and making them. When I sow it together it just comes to life and I want that to be my dream job. I would love it to be my dream job because fashion is a changing all the time like one style is trending then it ends. Designing my own fashion would be so cool I like shopping for clothes and making them would be even better. I have drawn a lot of clothes and one day I would like to make them to show to the world.