BTN Term 3 Junk Ads

3 Recalls

Ads are designed to make you hungry.

  • 3 in 10 Aussie kids are obese.
  • ACMA stands for Australian Communication Media Authority.

2 Understandings

  • Commercial stations show an average of 5 hours a week of junk ads because they want you to buy the product.
  • If you are obese you can get health problems like diabetes,heart diesese and cancer.

1 Question

  • Out of the whole world what is the percentage of people that but the food that are on the ads?

100WC Term 3 (Comic Strip)



Money is power was a parent. “What does that mean” said the little girl.

” Well you said that you have to be driven and have a credit card and that is what parents do and hav”. Said the boy.

“Oh I get it now” said the girl. They decided to spend the girls money and walk down to the shops. They spent the little girls money and got some cool things. They bought a Lego set boy and girl one, a big bouncy ball each and 2 tubs of play dough.

“Wow things sure are expensive”. Said the girl.

” Yeh





BTN Fairy Business Term 3

3 Recalls

  1. She started out her business around her neighbourhood.
  2. She wanted to help the Sippy Creek Animal Refuge raise money to help the animals stay alive.
  3. Tips on how to start your own business is 1. A unique idea, 2. Marketing and 3. Profit and loss.

2 Understandings

  1. When you start your own business make sure it is something you like to do because then it is more enjoyable.
  2. You have to take the material costs away from the money you made because then you know how much money you have.

1 Question

How different types of fairy houses has she made?


100WC Term 3

I think it means that poor people can help others just the same as rich people can. I also think it means we should treat everyone equally because everyone can show things they can do like others. I think poor poeple should be respected because if they were educated they could do great things like other people who do great things in this world. Also every one should be treated equally because you never know what someone can do until they try. So you should not judge someone who they are or what they look like but what qualitys they have.

BTN Term 3 Greece In Trouble (comparing)

In my BTN my 3 recalls were Greece are having money troubles, the prime minister has excepted money from other countries apart of the european unions and austerity leads to rising taxes, fewer jobs and less pay.

In Daphne’s BTN she said Her recalls were Greece doesn’t have as many jobs any more/opportunities. The comparison is we are both talking about jobs. Her second one said  the prime minister of Greece has accepted money from other countries apart from the European Union. The comparison is that we both said Greece has excepted money from the European unions. Her last recall was Greece is having so money problems.

Her understandings were the  Greeks in Greece are upset and angry because of Austerity that leads to less payment for jobs, fewer jobs and rising taxes. The comparison is that we both wrote about austerity and what it leads to.her last understanding was in Greece they are having money problems/trouble because they have used to much money. The comparison is that we both said they have spent to much money and that is why Greece does not have a lot of money.

Lastly her question was will Greece ever recover from these financial problems. Mine was how long will it take until greece can get more money and pay back the loan? The comparison is we are both asking how long it will take for them to get more money working.

100WC A Million Dollars Term 3

I was wandering down the street until I saw a poster saying a million dollars! “WOW! I want a  million dollars” I thought. I walked in to the news agency and entered to win the a million dollars. I had my ticket and I was not going to let it go until I found out if I had won a million dollars. I walked back home and waited and waited. I wanted to do something because I was getting bored but i could not lose my concentration on not letting that ticket go. The next day I walked up to the news agency to see if I had won. I slowly gave him the ticket and he told me that I had won A MILLION DOLLARS!



  • There is a tax called GST.
  • The prime minister has announced he will be increasing it or putting in more things.
  • The GST came back in the 2000.


  • Overall the GST raises up to 50 billion dollars a year because 10% of some of the things we buy has GST.
  • Changing the GST is a big deal because it would hit everyone.

In 10 years will the GST increase or stay the same?

100 WC Term 3

I wish I had known you when ……… I was little so we could play together for hours while our parents chatted. We could grow up as friends instead of just meeting each other in year 6. It would have been fun and playful if we knew each other when we were younger.  We could go together like cookies and milk. The thought of knowing each other when we were younger was all I could think about. I wondered if it would be the same as when we were older but do they feel the same way?