BTN Term 3 School Economics

Behind The News: Clip: School Economics (Released 5/02/2013)


3 Recalls:

# The government has announcement that school kids should learn economics.

# Some people don’t use there money properly..

# knowing how money works and using it properly can help keep your bank balance.

2 Understandings:

# I understand that not using your money properly can be left with a lot of financial problems.

# The economics lessons are happening because they teach you about all the money issues and how to use money.

1 Question:

# Are primary schools all over the world  learning about economics?

100 WC Take Risks Term 3 2015

Image result for take risks if you win you are happy if you lose you are wise

Risks were things I would never do. I would just stick to the script like in a movie but one day something began to change. It was until someone told me to ” Take risks: if you win, you will be happy. If you lose, you will be wise”. I didn’t get it at first but then I understood it. I decided to let go and take risks. It was the first time in my life I felt like I was free. After I realised that all risks should not be done I thought to myself I will take risks when ever I need to.

BTN Term 3 Greece In Trouble

Greece In Trouble

3 Recalls:
– Greece are having money troubles.
– the prime minister has excepted from other countries apart of the european unions.
– Austerity leads to rising taxes, fewer jobs and less pay.

2 Understandings:
– The greeks are angry because of Austerity which in greece leads to rising taxes, fewer jobs and less pay.
– In greece they are having money troubles because they have spent to much.

1 Question:
How long will it take until greece can get more money and pay back the loan?

100WC Term 3 (Lonely Pluto )

It was time the New Horizon was heading off to space. It was heading to Pluto. It was travelling past  Mars, Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It finally got to Pluto the New Horizon took these amazing it was sent to NASA. The adventure was at its end, New Horizon was slowly heading off into the universe beyond. NASA got all the pics and were very proud of themselves but at the same time they were sad because there beloved space craft had gone and it was never coming back.

BTN Wind Energy Term 3

Wind Energy

3 Recalls:

– At the starfish wind farm there are 23 wind turbines

– the wind farms help fund the school.

– when there is no wind there is no wind energy.

2 Understandings:

– how a wind turbine works the wind comes in from the front to make it turn and goes in to the generator and goes down to the power station because it works the opposite to a fan.

– There are a lot of wind farms because they need to be placed in a windy section.

1 Question:

Do we have any in Melbourne?

Lonely Pluto (100WC)

In the cold dark air of space. There  was no light not even a glimpse it was all just darkness. Then suddenly a little glow went passing by.  It was the New Horizons. The space ship that NASA sent out was now where Pluto was but sadly it just zoomed pass saying ” Hi, bye , gotta go”. It was gone and all that was there was lonely little Pluto all on its own. It was getting cold and all the lakes and mountains were icy and frozen. After 247.7 years it orbited around the sun and started to be seen by other planets.