BTN Reconciliation Week Term 1

3 Recalls:
– Reconciliation week is about celebrating the first Australians and trying to make the country more equal.
– An Aboriginal girl is doing a social experiment to see if they trust her.
– 71% of Australians think people are prejudice and 13% think there is trust between indigenous and non indigenous.
2 Understandings:
– A class of kids are creating colourful art using 3 words because they want to encourage people to take action.
– Kids are making change it up posters because the want people to do something about it.
1 Question:
– How can schools get involved in it?

100WC Week #34 Term 2

Creek! Went the floor in the attic as she walked. It was late, her parents told her she to go to bed but that didn’t stop her. She was on a mission, to find the hidden box. All of a sudden boom! She dropped her flash light and now it is broken. She cant see anything, she has to feel her way around. With one touch she found the box. It was magical because she found it. So as she lifted the lid… There was letter. She opened it and read it aloud, when ever your broke just open the other box and there will be the money you need.

BTN Battery Breakthrough Term 2

3 Recalls

– most of our energy is burnt coal or other fossil fuels.
– we lose 70% of that power by heat and lose 10% of energy on power lines.
– Fossil fuels release gas and is changing our climate.

2 Understandings

-Batteries are complicated than you think because it has many chemicals in it for it to work.

– They have created a battery pack that can sit on your wall and store sun energy from solar panels because It keeps in the energy and can preserve it all night.

1 Question

– Are they selling the battery pack now?

100 WC Week #33 Term 2

One day it was terrible and cold. It was really windy and it was raining. I was really bored because I had to stay inside all day without any power in our house. The only thing I could hear was the wind outside pounding on our house. It was now the afternoon and the wind was still going on so I decided to just sit there. Then all of a sudden I heard a WHOOSH! The whole house fell down. Now I was sitting outside in the cold. It was freezing but the ferocious wind …. blew me away. I flew all the way to France, Then to Spain and the all the way to america. That was the most tiring moment of my life she stated.



BTN Bust A Move Term 2

3 Recalls
– People with disabilitys can still do what they want to do.
– They run dance classes for children, teens and adults with disabilitys.
– They call them self BAM.
2 Understandings
– They call them self BAM because they do it at Bust A Move dance studio in Brisbane.
– people with disabilitys can do want they want because they are still like us.
1 Question
How many people with disabilitys go to the dance school?

History Unit Goal Reflection

Section 1:

I did Turkish migration to Australia in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was about them coming for a better life and to get out of there country from WWII and there civil war. My partner and I did a really good job on our project and I believe we worked well as a team.

Three facts that you found interesting or surprising:

1. Turkey was in war for 9 years.

2. When Turkish people came out to Australia most of them came by plane.

3. That a lot more women came out to Australia then men from Turkey.

Two understandings you now have:

1. I now understand that Turkish people were in 9 years of war because they had there own civil war that lasted for 3 years.

2. more Turkish women cam out to Australia more than men because a lot of the men would have died or they would have been in the war or died in the war.

One wonder you still have:

Why did the Turkish choose Australia and not another good country?

Section 2: 

What were the most important things I have learnt.

-How the Aboriginals felt when the First Fleet arrived in Australia.

– Why a lot of people migrated to Australia to get out of their country.

How did I learn it.

I learnt it by listening to the presentations and  the History lessons we have done in class.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt.

I will remember what I have learnt and use it when we do History again and will know about Australian history.

Refer to your unit goals that your created at the beginning of the project write about whether you achieved them and if so how you went about this.

I have achieved creating a time line because of all the presentations I know what the dates were and created a timeline with it.

Overall I have learnt a lot about Australian history about my presentations and all the others. I found my topic very interesting and all the others.

100 WC Week #32 Term 2

Beep! Beep!

” Arghh why won’t my alarm stop beeping I just want to sleep for 5 minutes” I argued.

Beep! Beep! ” fine I will get up” I sighed. So I got up and went downstairs for breakfast. When I got to the kitchen my breakfast was a bowl with bird seeds. ” Yuck why bird seeds for breakfast ” I said. I decided to get dressed and go to the park and feed the birds with the bird seeds. I found a tree stump in the park so I sat down on it. Then I shrunk down to only 10 cm. The bird seeds fell on the stump and then a big bird swept down.

BTN Mincraft Parks Term 2

3 Recalls
– There is a competition to create a national park with mincraft.
– Alot of people play mincraft.
– Mincraft lets people create things.
2 Understandings
– There is a mincraft competition for kids because South Australian Government wants the kids to create what National parks should look like.
– They are picking up good skills because mincraft is similar to what real landscape architects use.
1 Question
– How would you be able to build a mincraft park in to reality?

100WC Week #31 Term 2

once upon a time there lived a girl named Ella and her farther died when she was very young. Then came along the evil wicked step farther with two ugly and nasty sons. Ella’s mother worked in the town and would go to all around the country for her job. While her mother was at work in Russia Ella had to clean up after the boys. Then when she went to have a breather from the wicked step farther and brothers she saw a a man on a horse. Who else could it be but the prince he spotted her and gave her a invitation to go to the ball and she said ” Yes ” so when she went back in side she found one of her best dresses and she and the prince danced all night and they lived happily ever after.

Behind The News Anzac Biscuits

3 Recalls:
– In the war the troops would eat Anzac biscuits.
– They have oats, sugar, flour, butter and syrup.
– You have to mix the dry ingredients first before you add the liquid.
2 Understandings:
– Anzac biscuits were eaten by  soldiers because they lasted for a long time.
– They have to come out of the oven when they are golden brown because if you don’t then it would be over cooked.
1 question:
– What was the date people made Anzac biscutis?