BTN Skating Prodigy

3 Recalls:
– By 9 years old he was already the under 18 skateboarding champion in Australia.
– When he went to normal school he missed a lot of things.
– He was beating kids twice his age and twice his size.
2 Understandings:
– He has to be home schooled because he would miss a lot of school work While he was at competitions.
– He has to train 3 hours a day because he need to train for competitions.
1 Question:
– How many years would it take for him to be the worlds best under 18 skater?

100WC Week #29 Term 2

I was walking around outside waiting for my mum got back and I found a piece of old paper. So I picked it up  but when I opened it it looked like a pirate map. I thought for a while and noticed something there was an X. So then that would mean X marks the spot… but where does this map lead me to. I looked at the map again and saw I was at the start of the treasure mapthe first direction I saw was turn right. Then I had to go straight. Then I had to turn left. Then straight and then right. That is when I realised I just walked in a big circle.  My mum came out so I never got to find that treasure.

E-smart Digital licence

The e-smart digital licence is a website where to learn how to be safe on-line. We have been doing tests on different topics on the website on how to be safe on-line. You have to read the document before you start the test. You need to get 80% to pass the test.

Module 1: The first thing that I have learnt is that you should choose a network that is secure so that nothing wrong happens to your device and a network that you know. Secondly,  you need to have virus protection software on your device so nothing bad happens to it . Thirdly, If your computer is running slow there might be a virus in your computer.

My first understanding is that when you buy a new device you have to download a virus protection software so that your computer does not have a virus because if you do not your computer could get a virus. My second understanding is that when you are choosing a network to use you should choose a secure account or one that you know because then you know that the network is safe and secure to use.

My question is what would happen if a secure network is not actually secure what will you do then?

Module 2:

My first fact is that cookies, data mining and hacker are all terms that relate to on-line privacy. Secondly, When you are on-line you should never give your full name or your family name. Thirdly, A digital footprint is a trail left by users activity in a digital environment.

My first understanding is When you are on-line you should never give your bank account details because they can take all tour money and spend it with out you knowing what is happening. My second understanding When you are on-line you should not give your full name or your family name because then people on the internet can find out who you are.

My question is what would happen if someone gets a hold on your details what things can they do with it?

Module 3:

My first fact is that a good web browser will have security and other settings to help you keep safe from bad websites. My second fact is on the web if something is a free offer it is most likely to be a scam. My last fact is some websites are designed to trick or scam people.

My first understanding is when you are on the web some websites are designed to trick people because they want to scam you. My second understanding is when you are on the web if you mouse pointer changes to a hand it happens because you have found a hyper link.

My question is Why do some people  want to scam or trick others?

Module 4:

My first fact is when on line be respectful to other people. My second fact is it is  unsafe to not logout of your computer. My last fact is it is illegal to download, edit or share any content that is copyrighted or not given permission without asking the creator.

My first understanding is When posting something on the internet if you  download, edit or share any content from a creator you are not allowed to do that because it is illegal. My last understanding is when you are on the internet you need to think before you do something because you might do something wrong .

My question is how bad is the consequences  when you something illegal on the internet

Module 5:

My first fact is each on line community has its own rules for acceptable behaviour. My second fact is if you keep sending friend request more than once you are harassing them. My last fact is many social networking sites and chat rooms are moderated.

My first understanding is never reply to posts that someone you don’t know has sent to you because  it can make things worse. My last understanding is if you want put a picture on line of someone else you need to ask their permission because they might not want you to put it on the internet.

My question is why do people hack people on line or on an on line game?

Module 6:

My first fact is that SMS stands for short message service. My second fact is you should not click something that is a free offer. My last fact is profile images usually remain public even when you have set your account to private.

My first understanding is pics you post on-line it remains public on-line even when you have a private account because people can still see it. My last understanding is you never click something that is a free offer because it could be a scam.

My question is what would happen if you do not communicate safely on-line?

Module 7:

My first fact is some SMS that are sent to people can sometimes be a scam. My second fact is when someone is cyber bullied and you do not do anything about it you are a bystander. My last fact is when some one is being hurt, shamed or embarrassed online by some one it is called cyber bulling.

My first understanding is people who are online and they are being cyber bullied you do not do nothing about it you are a bystander because you are letting it happen. My last understanding is some SMS are scams if you don’t know who it is from because you might get a virus on your device.

My question is What you do if the person keeps sending you scams from people you do not know?


Module 8:

My first fact is some organizations keep charging you for your subscription unless you call up and ring to tell them to stop. My second fact is that on-line shopping websites have safe guards to help stop fraud and loss of money. My third fact is you can get your phone company’s app to get them to text you when you are close to your data limit.

My first understanding is that in and email you should not click on something that is a scam because it can ruin your computer. My second understanding is that you should be careful about shopping on-line because some on-line shops are to scam people.

My question is why do people want to scam people with on-line shopping?

BTN Reef Funding

3 recalls:

-School kids are breeding fish and selling them.
– The great barrier reef is the biggest reef inthe world.
– Every tropical fish they breed and sell it means 1 less taken of Australia’s reef.

2 understandings:
– According to the reef authority they say there are all sorts of things that have started to damage the great barrier reef because of climate change,extreme weather, poaching and illegal fishing.
– As mining increases left over sand gets put in the ocean some say this might make the ocean dirty because ports are being built around the coast.

1 Question:
What will happen if the great barrier reef is all destroyed will you be able to re grow the reef?

100WC Week #28

One day this women and man went to Sydney. They were excited because it was there first trip. They were walking down near the river and they saw a poor dog who was all alone. They decided to feed it because they loved animals in fact the man was a vet. They went to the hotel and gave the dog a bath. It took a while but they finally got the dog clean. They decided to take it for a walk where they found it and they saw a little girl looking for something. She was looking for the dog. The man and woman thought even though they love animals so much they decided to give it back and she was so happy.


Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun e.t.c.

 Sustainable: able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Adjective.

Investigate:carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, e.t.c.) so as to establish the truth. carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, e.t.c.) so as to establish the truth. Verb.

Generate:produce or create. Verb.

Environment: the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. Nouns.

Opportunities: a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Noun.

Social: relating to society or its organization. Adjective.

Historical: of or concerning history or past events. Adjective.

Cultural: relating to the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a society. Adjective.

Discussion: the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas. Noun.

Potential: having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future. Adjective.

Activity Two:

Choose one word from your list. The word must be at least 7 letters long. Using only the letters in that word, see how many other words you can create (words must be 2 or more letters long).


1.Able          2. Bin         3. Let         4. Best        5. Lest      6. sun      7. stain            8. Bus         9. Sit         10. set         11. Sit        12. Sea    13. Less             14. Stun     15. Nut      16. But