3 Recalls:

  1. The banana disease is called ‘Panama Disease tropical race 4’.
  2. This disease is one of the worst banana diseases in the world.
  3. The disease attacks all banana varieties.

2 Understandings:

  1. The disease is a fungus that sits in the soil; it travels up the roots of the banana tree and gets to the fruit because some experts say that the disease is so strong that all it takes is for a speck of dirt from an infected plantation to get on the bottom of your boots to spread it.
  2. The Australian banana industry gets there bananas from northern Queensland where the disease is found because that is where the bananas are grown.

1 Question:

If the disease spreads how many bananas will be supplied to supermarkets and small grocers?

BTN Behind You

Topic: Behind You.

3 Recalls

  • 9 in every 10 bulling situation there are class mates watching it happen.
  • There is a campaign called ‘Behind You’.
  • If one person does the right thing then more will do the same.

2 Understandings

  • 40% of school kids get cyber bullied because the whole world goes on the internet and sees the picture or message of that person.
  • When you see bullying you report it or tell the bully to stop because the victim gets upset and it would keep on happening.

1 Question

  • How can bullying be prevented?

100WC Week #26 Term 1

Prompt: as they turned the corner…..

I was walking to the park to meet my friend so we could chat and there was a situation up ahead. I listened to what was going on and it was not some ordinary accident it was serious. They were both screaming at each other like crazy people. I did not want to get involved so I just kept on walking like I was not listening. They saw me and as they turned the corner…. The police were listening the whole time because they were criminals and their conversation was trying to escape the police. They were sent to jail straight away and locked up forever.

Behind The News Too Loud

3 Recalls

  • 1 billion People aged 12-35 need to turn the volume down.
  • Sounds are made up of tiny vibrations in the air.
  • The strength of sounds is measured in decibels. E.g. A whisper is about 30 decibels, a normal conversation is 60 decibels, the radio is about 75 decibels, and Normal traffic is about 85 decibels and anything higher than that there is a problem.

2 Understandings

  • 1 billion kids are in risk of hearing loss because they listen to music too loud.
  • When sounds are measured over 100 decibels you are in more risk of hearing loss because it is too loud for our ear drums.

1 Question

  • What percentage of people has lost their hearing to loud music?

100WC Week #25 Term 1


One day I was going to the bathroom so I could wash my hands. So when I turned on the tap water went everywhere because the pipe was broken. I was drenched! I carefully turned off the tap and left the bathroom.  Then I had green slime in my hair YUCK! I took off the slime and chucked it out in the bin. Then I went to the car to wait so we could go to the beach. We finally got there and I swam in the water for an hour or two. Then a horse appeared on the beach.

BTN Kid Business

Behind the News  Kid Business

3 Recalls

  • Tee-shirts are sold in Australia and sometimes overseas.
  • It takes three days to make one tee-shirt.
  • He sells 30 hats and tee-shirts a week.

2 Understandings

  • You have to individually print each tee-shirt because if you don’t the ink will come off.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are to run a business because if you love to do something that should not stop you from doing it.

1 Question

  • Is he making a profit on selling his products and if he is making a profit is that being used to make the product?

100WC Week #24 Term 1

Today was the day I was going to Europe for a month. I checked in and just waited to board but we got delayed 1 hour. I was so disappointed but finally we got on the plane. The sound of the engine went vroom! I finally noticed that we were taking off. The sky was wonderful and blue. I went to sleep to waste some time. Then when I awoke we were landing. Then when I looked out of the plane window….. I saw all the wonderful cities of Europe. It was a great experience to see it all.