S.R.C Application


I believe that I would be a good S.R.C for 2015 at Moonee ponds primary school.

Firstly, I am good at helping people For example when we were doing our locker labels on paint.net I helped people try to put their faces in the animals or cut their face out. I helped Daphne, Alicia and felicity. They were happy that I helped them.

Secondly, I am organized. For example my desk is organized with the books I need for the day. Like I have my literacy folder, netbook, reading book and pencil case for the day.

Thirdly, I have good Ideas. For example my mum had a competition at her work to make it more sustainable. My mum and I entered it and our ideas were instead of plastic bags you use reusable bags, solar panels for electricity and a coffee barista.

In conclusion I would be a good S.R.C. at Moonee ponds primary school because I am a good helper, I am organized and I have good ideas.



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