why you would be lucky to be in your class

I believe that in Jude’s class I would be one of the most valued members.

Firstly, I have good learning skills. For example in science we did a lesson on particles and I learnt a lot about it like how they move and stay solid. Another example is when I was not good at fractions we did it in a creative way that helps me get better at fractions. In one lesson we did a activity and it was called a fraction wall where there were 1 whole, a half, 1/3, ¼,1/5,1/6,1/7,1/8,1/9, 1/10, 1/11 and a 1/12. It helped me learn how the fractions go into a whole.

Secondly, I have good caring skills. For example when a friend is sad, lonely or upset. I will go over to help them and make them feel much better. Another example is when I am at my grandma’s house I will care for her when she is not well and I would cheer her up.

Thirdly, I try my best. For example In gymnastics I try to do the best I can to do Gymnastic activities. Another example is at swimming I try my best to do the strokes I am not very good at.

In conclusion, I believe that I am a valued member of Jude’s class because I have different learning skills, I have good caring skills and I always do my best.

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