Dear Jude,

On the holidays I went to Honolulu. We stayed there for 10 days including Christmas. At Honolulu I learnt how to surf. It was so cool to be ridding one like my dad. By the time we knew it Christmas was here. We went out for dinner on Christmas Eve at the dukes. For dinner my dad had chicken, my brother had a cheese burger and I had chicken and salad. When it came to dessert time we had the best pie ever it was a hula pie. If you’re wondering what a hula pie is, it is a pie with a cookie base, ice-cream, melted chocolate with nuts and whipped cream on the side. It was delicious! All three of us had to eat it all it was so big.

We opened our presents in Honolulu. My brother got 2 Lego sets and a number plate with his Hawaiian name and English name, my dad got clothes and a number plate, and I got a water proof watch with a Velcro strap, a number plate and clothes.

When we were in Melbourne we got a second Christmas dinner with the family. We all got a spatchcock stuffed with chicken and rice, we had salad and for dessert we had Pavlova that I made. We were so lucky to get 2 Christmas dinners.

We went to the Australian open. We saw a lot of tennis matches. It was a great experience to be at the tennis. We thought the cooling fans were a great idea for when we it because it was so hot. For Australia day we went to Sydney! We stayed for 5 days. We got big waves there at the beach we all fell over.  So that’s what I did on the holidays I hope you had a good one to.

From Malia.

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