100WC Week #23 Term 1

It was 1950.

I was going for a walk. I passed this couch, it looked old and in bad condition. I was going to keep on walking but I noticed something. I looked more closely.It was a statue. There was a  plaque it read.  Made in 1946. I bent down to see if there was more to the plaque. I pushed the vine off  the plaque and found a hole . I put my hand in the hole and found a piece of  paper, it was about world war 2.  This statue was a memory for the soldiers who came home to their families.  


Leadership Roles


I believe that I would be a good Performing Arts Captain for 2015 because I have good ideas, I am organised and I am helpful.

Firstly, I have good ideas. For example my mum had a competition at her work and we both entered. The competition was to make the work place more sustainable. Our ideas were

  1. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags.
  2. Use solar panels for electricity.
  3. Coffee barista.

Secondly, I am organised. For example my desk is always organised with the books I need for the school day. Also I am also organised at home I do all of my homework on time that’s another way I am organised.

Thirdly, I am helpful. For at home I help my mum with dinner. also in the morning I wash the dishes these are ways on how I am helpful.

In conclusion I would be a good performing arts captain because I have good ideas, I am organised and I am helpful.

S.R.C Application


I believe that I would be a good S.R.C for 2015 at Moonee ponds primary school.

Firstly, I am good at helping people For example when we were doing our locker labels on paint.net I helped people try to put their faces in the animals or cut their face out. I helped Daphne, Alicia and felicity. They were happy that I helped them.

Secondly, I am organized. For example my desk is organized with the books I need for the day. Like I have my literacy folder, netbook, reading book and pencil case for the day.

Thirdly, I have good Ideas. For example my mum had a competition at her work to make it more sustainable. My mum and I entered it and our ideas were instead of plastic bags you use reusable bags, solar panels for electricity and a coffee barista.

In conclusion I would be a good S.R.C. at Moonee ponds primary school because I am a good helper, I am organized and I have good ideas.



Behind The News : Bark canoe

This clip is about the aboriginal Bark Canoe.

3 Recalls

  • Bark canoe making is an ancient art.
  • Kaurna was an area of an Aboriginal group.
  • Aboriginal people made things they need from things around them,

2 Understandings

  • I understand that Aboriginals made bark canoes for fishing, duck hunting and going across rivers because they needed to catch food.
  • I understand that you need to have the right tree because it would might not work.

1 Question

  • If you took too much bark off the tree would you be able to save it.





Behind The News Handwriting

  3 Recalls

  • That Finland wants to get rid of cursive handwriting.
  • Cursive handwriting has been around for thousands of years.
  • Some Australians experts agree with Finland.

2 understandings


  • Finland wants to get rid of cursive handwriting and replace it with typing.
  • Some suggestions are to do their tests and exams online.

1 Question.


  • Why is cursive handwriting a waste of time.

100WC Week #22 Term 1

But it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper….


One bright sunny morning I was walking down the street and saw this amazing, fantastic and a brand new shop it was called Delicious Sweets. I walked in a there were 10 aisles filled with all different types of sweets. There were snakes, teeth, bananas etc.

I went into all of the aisles and found my favourite sweet on the shelf it was called Rainbow Drops. It was so many little circles of all the colours of the rainbow in a wrapper. I went up to the counter and bought the sweets he gave it to me for free. I rushed outside and ate one and boy oh boy it was sour but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper.

100WC #21 Term 1

The silence was deafening……..

The night was a very quiet night. No sound in the streets, No noises from the house next door. The only sound I could hear was my heavy breathing. I was in my room in bed my brother was quiet when usually his snoring his head off , mum was sleeping but my dad was not home yet. I was so worried.

So to calm myself down I lay my head down on my pillow and suddenly…… The was a sound of jiggling like someone was trying to break in I screamed. they stopped the silence was deafening.

Then they opened the door but by the sound of the shoes I knew it was my dad.

why you would be lucky to be in your class

I believe that in Jude’s class I would be one of the most valued members.

Firstly, I have good learning skills. For example in science we did a lesson on particles and I learnt a lot about it like how they move and stay solid. Another example is when I was not good at fractions we did it in a creative way that helps me get better at fractions. In one lesson we did a activity and it was called a fraction wall where there were 1 whole, a half, 1/3, ¼,1/5,1/6,1/7,1/8,1/9, 1/10, 1/11 and a 1/12. It helped me learn how the fractions go into a whole.

Secondly, I have good caring skills. For example when a friend is sad, lonely or upset. I will go over to help them and make them feel much better. Another example is when I am at my grandma’s house I will care for her when she is not well and I would cheer her up.

Thirdly, I try my best. For example In gymnastics I try to do the best I can to do Gymnastic activities. Another example is at swimming I try my best to do the strokes I am not very good at.

In conclusion, I believe that I am a valued member of Jude’s class because I have different learning skills, I have good caring skills and I always do my best.

100WC Week #20 term 1

Sandwich  grey   miserable   hyena   climb 

It was a grey misty night.  a – hyena was eating sandwiches , thunder and lightning was everywhere. The hyena was laughing at me. His laughter was making me feel more miserable.

Suddenly,for some reason I was running. The hyena was chasing me. I had to climb up the rock I saw in the distance. I went to the top and it grabbed me. I fell to the ground with a plunk. That’s when I awoke and knew it was a dream but outside the sky was grey and misty that’s when I thought was it a dream?



Dear Jude,

On the holidays I went to Honolulu. We stayed there for 10 days including Christmas. At Honolulu I learnt how to surf. It was so cool to be ridding one like my dad. By the time we knew it Christmas was here. We went out for dinner on Christmas Eve at the dukes. For dinner my dad had chicken, my brother had a cheese burger and I had chicken and salad. When it came to dessert time we had the best pie ever it was a hula pie. If you’re wondering what a hula pie is, it is a pie with a cookie base, ice-cream, melted chocolate with nuts and whipped cream on the side. It was delicious! All three of us had to eat it all it was so big.

We opened our presents in Honolulu. My brother got 2 Lego sets and a number plate with his Hawaiian name and English name, my dad got clothes and a number plate, and I got a water proof watch with a Velcro strap, a number plate and clothes.

When we were in Melbourne we got a second Christmas dinner with the family. We all got a spatchcock stuffed with chicken and rice, we had salad and for dessert we had Pavlova that I made. We were so lucky to get 2 Christmas dinners.

We went to the Australian open. We saw a lot of tennis matches. It was a great experience to be at the tennis. We thought the cooling fans were a great idea for when we it because it was so hot. For Australia day we went to Sydney! We stayed for 5 days. We got big waves there at the beach we all fell over.  So that’s what I did on the holidays I hope you had a good one to.

From Malia.