I couldn’t believe it when we arrived at Canberra. We were staying there for 5 days. When we arrived at the camp site we found out our cabins. I was in a cabin with Daphne, Esther and Emily. We put our stuff away and we had dinner. After dinner we did ‘red faces’ where people performed skits, dances and other stuff. We had supper which was biscuits.

We went to parliament house. It was the old one. We went into a gallery and did an activity. We got into groups of 3, we chose what we wanted to learn about and we explored the gallery. After we got to sit in the House of Representatives! We had to pretend that we were in government.

We also went to the current parliament house. We saw the Senate and the House of Representatives. We listened to some arguments in the senate and house. In the Senate a lady got really mad about the topic. In the house we saw the mace.

We went to Questicon it was fun. There was an interactive gallery and in the gallery was the free fall. I went on the free fall it was so much fun I went on it 2 times. You had to wear this suit because the slide was really high and it was metal. You had to hold on to this bar and then they said 1…2…3… DROP! You would let go and slide down the slide. There were heaps of galleries and we went into them and looked at all the science things that were in the galleries.

We also went to the war memorial. We went into the gallery. Our tour guide told us amazing stories about some of the things in the gallery. When we went outside there were thousands and thousands of poppies on the walls. Where there were names. We listened to the last post. One funny moment when I was on camp was when Emily spotted a daddy long legs and try to spray it with her insect repellent. It didn’t work so I smacked it with my shoe and killed the spider.




QUESTION 22: Move one match to make this statement correct.
PREDICT: I predict that I will have to use a clock with Roman numerals>
1. First you have to figure out the numbers of the sum. The sum is 5+1=5.
2. Now you have to move 1 match. The way I did it was
SUMMARY: The strategy I used was using a clock with Roman numerals.

Wind Power P.M.I

Plus Minus Interesting
It is environmentally friendly

People still use wind power.

Cheaper power.

Animals can fly into the windmill blades.

Not many people use wind power.

It takes up a lot of space.

That they use wind to make electricity.

They make full farms just for making windpower.