On Tuesday the 28/10/14 we had our school Cabaret Almost Alice. We had a matinee performance at 1:30pm and our evening performance at 7:00 pm. At 9:10 am we headed off to the clock tower. We did a rehearsal of all the acts. Our class (5/6 A) did a song. It was a mashup with Heart& Soul, I’m Ready and Magic. The teachers figured out how a way to do the finale HAPPY! We did the finale song. After we finished the rehearsal we ate lunch in the dressing room. Everyone got dressed in their costumes and make up to get ready for the matinee.


At 1:30 It started with people introducing acts the acts started with 5/6 B, which was followed by Prep A, Prep C, Prep B,3/4 A, 3/4 B, 1/2 A, 1/2 B, 1/2 B, 1/2 D, 1/2 C, 5/6 C, 5/6 A and 3/4 C. At the end we did the finale Happy! Classes came on the stage and some on the aisle. That was the end of the matinee. We walked back to school and went home.


At 6:15 we went back to the clock tower, getting ready for the evening performance. At 7:00 pm the concert started. Doing every act, but there was one act was added. The teachers did a performance. Their song was Live Louder. We performed the finale. Afterwards, there were thank-you’s and we went home.

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