On Tuesday the 28/10/14 we had our school Cabaret Almost Alice. We had a matinee performance at 1:30pm and our evening performance at 7:00 pm. At 9:10 am we headed off to the clock tower. We did a rehearsal of all the acts. Our class (5/6 A) did a song. It was a mashup with Heart& Soul, I’m Ready and Magic. The teachers figured out how a way to do the finale HAPPY! We did the finale song. After we finished the rehearsal we ate lunch in the dressing room. Everyone got dressed in their costumes and make up to get ready for the matinee.


At 1:30 It started with people introducing acts the acts started with 5/6 B, which was followed by Prep A, Prep C, Prep B,3/4 A, 3/4 B, 1/2 A, 1/2 B, 1/2 B, 1/2 D, 1/2 C, 5/6 C, 5/6 A and 3/4 C. At the end we did the finale Happy! Classes came on the stage and some on the aisle. That was the end of the matinee. We walked back to school and went home.


At 6:15 we went back to the clock tower, getting ready for the evening performance. At 7:00 pm the concert started. Doing every act, but there was one act was added. The teachers did a performance. Their song was Live Louder. We performed the finale. Afterwards, there were thank-you’s and we went home.


QUESTION 22:  The Murphys have three children, aged 5,8,11. How  much does this family save if they pay as a family and one extra child, rather than individuals.



PREDICT: I predict that I will have to use The 4 operations.

1. First calculate what it is individually. $26.00 x 2=$52.00.

$15.40 x 3= $46.20. Add $52.00+$46.20= $98.20

2. Add what the Family of 4 and an extra child. $ 79.00 + $15.40= $94.40

3. 55

the answer is $3.80

SUMMARY: The strategy I used was the 4 operations.




QUESTION 23: I think of a number, double it and then add 4. If the results were 20, What was the original number.


PREDICT: I predict that I will have to use Addition or Multiplication.



1. First think what you can double and then add 4 but can still equal 20. The answer is 8.

2. double 8 the answer is 16.

3. 16+4=20. So the original number is 8.


SUMMARY: The strategy I used was Addition and Multiplication.

Maths Mate Sheet 2 Term 4

QUESTION 22: Miranda and take $50 to the movies. They buy their tickets, two medium soft drink and one large popcorn to share. How much change do they receive.



PREDICT: I predict that I will have to do addition and subtraction.


1. they buy 2 tickets so what is $13.50+$13.50=$27.00.

2. large popcorn and 22 medium soft drink.


3. Add $27+$6.50+$5+$5= $43.50.

4. Now subtract 50-43.50=6.50

SUMMARY: The strategies I used was addition and subtraction.


Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

INDICES: plural form of index. Noun.

METALLURGY: the branch of science and technology concerned with the properties of metals and their production and purification. Noun.

GEOLOGY: the science which deals with the physical structure and substance of the earth, their history, and the processes which act on them. Noun.

ZOOLOGY: the scientific study of the behaviour, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals. Noun.

EXPERIMENT: a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact. Noun.

MINERAL: a solid, naturally occurring inorganic substance. Noun.

GRAVITY: the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass. Noun.

BOTANY: merino wool, especially from Australia. Noun.

BEAKER: a tall drinking container, typically made of plastic, with straight sides and no handle. Noun.

PHYSICIST: an expert in or student of physics. Noun.

Activity Two:

Choose 5 words from your list, and re write their definition in your own words. Put the word in a sentence or give an example of a well known person that is famous for their work in that field.

EXPERIMENT: A procedure. The Experiment worked.

MINERAL: A solid substance. The miners found Minerals in the rocks underground.

GRAVITY: Keeps our feet on the ground. In space there is no gravity.


Activity Three:

Choose three words from your list, and write down a text to self, and a text to world connection to each.

BEAKER: The time when we did a our rusting experiments and we used beakers. When your doing science.

EXPERIMENT: When GTAC came to our school and did experiments.



QUESTION 23: I think of a number,subtract 5 and then divide by 3. If the result is 6, what was the original number.

PREDICT: I predict that I will have to use the operations.


1. First think what would subtract 5 , also can be divided by three and the answer is 6. the answer is 23.

2. Now subtract 5. The answer is 18.

3. Divide by 3. answer is 6.

SUMMARY: The strategy I used was the 2 operations ( Dividing and Subtracting) to help me figure out the answer.