100WC WEEK #29

Tomorrow is Easter. I was so excited that it was easter. Today I was all alone because my mum was out shopping, my dad was out Fishing and little brother was with dad so I watched some T.V.I got bored after a while so I read for an hour and mum arrived. She said she had to put the washing out but I new what she was doing. After she came back inside and went up stairs I went out side to look for the egg. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find the egg and I was caught red handed for being outside without asking. 

Spelling Term 2 Week 8

Activity 1: Create 8 sentences that each use one list word. Underline the list word. 

Recycling: We need to Recycle  More.

Packaging: Stop using Packaging  we need to save the environment.

Consumer: The lady was a  consumer for fruit. 

Molecule: The molecule was bonded with the other molecules.

Particle: The particle in a liquid are loose.

Surveyed: I surveyed the school and most people like was ice cream. 

Styrofoam: There were heaps of Styrofoam in the box where my package was.

Potential: The person had potential about art. 

Claymation: I like to do claymation.

Salvation: My auntie works for the salvation army.

Activity 2: Choose one reason author’s write (author’s purpose – inform, persuade, explain, describe, entertain). Write a paragraph that uses at least 3 of your list words. Make note of which purpose you have chosen. I have choosen Inform.

Styrofoam is sort of recyclable. Styrofoam is in a box like packaging. It helps keep fragile items safe while its getting delivered. Recycling things are things that get broken down and be made into something new which is sort of what Styrofoam does.

100WC WEEK #38

Today we are going to the pool on this humid day but that is what the weather said. I stepped outside the front door and it was boiling like I was on Venus I slowly walked inside and put the cooler on but mum said ” No we can survive this hot weather”.

” Fine” I said. So we all sat down on the couch and watched some T.V. and when i looked at the clock we were only sitting around for 5 mins when it seemed to be forever. ” Can’t we go to the pool?” I said.

” No” Mum said.

“but it was far too hot to stay inside”

” NO!”

Spelling term 2 week 9

Activity 1: Create 5 sentences that each use one list word from the 5 above. Underline the list word.

Corrode:  Some metals corrode.

Oxide: Water and oxygen make a oxide.

Spectrum: I saw a spectrum in the water.

Aluminium: I found aluminium in the cupboard.

Reactions: The reactions of the experiment was amazing.

Activity 2:.Create 5 sentences that use possessive apostrophes. Your sentences must include at least one list word. Highlight the possessive apostrophe.

The reactions of the experiments’ were amazing. They were amazing because first we did Elephants toothpaste it was so foamy. The second experiment was alka selzter dissolving in ice water. It took 1minute to dissolve. The last experiment was making crystals in 24 hours they only grew a little bit but all of it was fun.

100WC Week 37

The sun was up I was in a plane going to Brazil. The plane was landing gently on the run way. The tyres schreeched when they hit the ground. We went to the beautiful hotel which was near the beach and salty water. Then in a flash rain started and flooded The entire city. Every one was lifted above the ground. The water was rising and rising and the god was under the water and then the god ligh1t up and the water vanished in a millisecond but that’s what happens in Brazil when when it rains heavily.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 8

Question 24: Enter a number in each circle so that the number on each line equals the sum of the numbers at each end.

Predict: I predict that I will have to add to get to my answer.



1. First you think what 2 numbers will get me to 20. The answer is 12.

2. Then you think what number could add up to 18 if I already have 8. I got 10.

3. Then you have to check if the top and left bottom corn add up to 22 and they do.

Summary: The strategy I used was to add to get to my answer.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 3

Question 22: How many numbers between 17 and 61 are divisible by 8.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Predict: I predict that I will have to use multiplication.



1/ First you think what number you have to multiply. I got 3×8= 24.

2/ Then when you have the first number the rest just flows. The next 4×8= 32, 5×8= 40, 6×8=48 and 7×8=56.

3/ then count all the answers and you get 5.

Summary: The strategy I used was multiplication.

100WC Week # 32

” Hi” I said.

“Hi” Emily said.

“so what are we going to do today”

” I am not sure what to do today” Emily said. So we sat on the bench in silence until we came up with what to do. 

” I got an idea lets play truth or dare” Emily said.

” How are we going to play truth or dare with only 2 people” I said.

” okay what about blah blah blah blah blah” Emily said.

“some of the words sounded like a foreign language” I said.

” What about talking until our other friends get here” Emily said. 

” Okay” I said.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 7

Question 24: Enter a number in each circle so that the number on each line equals the sum of the numbers at each end.
Predict: I predict I will have to use addition.
1/ First you find what numbers you need at the top and the right corner. I got 14 at the top and 20 at the bottom.
2/ Then you  work out the left bottom corner. I got 9. 
Summary: The strategies I used was to add which numbers would fit to make each line the amount it is supposed to be.

100WC Week # 36

” be careful with the egg it’s Easter and it is for my little sister” I said.
” Okay”  the lady at the counter said. I left the shopping centre and went to go hind the egg.
” What are you doing out here in the garden at 6:00 in the morning when it’s Easter. Are you stealing eggs”? my little sister said.
” No I’m just getting some fresh air I felt a little bit sick and what are you doing out this early”. I said 
” I had a bad dream” she said. 
” go back to bed and dream of ice cream” I said. 
” okay” she said.
she left and then crack! The egg was broken and the cream was everywhere.