What is a homophone?

A Homophone is a two or more  words that have the same pronunciation with different meanings or spelling.


What is a homograph ?

A homograph is more than two words spelled the same but don’t sound the same and have different meanings.


Activity 1 – Meanings of homophones

1.Roll: Move or go in some direction by turning over and over.

2.Role: An actors part in a play.

3.Won: I won the race.

4.One: The number 1

5.Council: A group of people elected to represent the suburb.

6.Counsel: A person who gives advise.


Meanings of homographs

1. Vice: Evil and bad behaviour.

2. Vice: A substitute for the next level up.

3. Lie: To lie down on a flat surface.

4. Lie: Not telling the truth.

5. Tear: To tear a piece of paper.

6. Tear: When you cry a tear falls down your cheek.


Activity 2- Explain the meanings.

Laws: To follow the rules.

State: A state is a part of a country. For example, Melbourne is a state of Australia.

Citizen: A person that is attached to one country not another.

Rights: That is correct.

Power: An ability to do something.


Activity 3:

The  Mayor of our local council has approved a project to build a road through a local park. My mother wrote  to our local member to say the  rights of children had been denied. As a  tax payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also sent  road has been allowed to go ahead anyway. The council won.

100WC Week #23

The beach was calm, having fun, frolicking in the water then suddenly! A gush of wind swept up the sand, the waves got bigger. I decided to get out of the water and see what was happening. The force was too strong to sit and watch. People were shouting ” Get out” ! That’s when I knew a Tsunami was coming and  pushing through the earth! I ran to the hill tops just in time before it hit. I couldn’t believe what was happening before my eyes.  I never knew mother nature could be so powerful. Now I understand how people feel when a Tsunami hits.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 2 Problem

Question 24: Fill in the missing number 45-_ +20=28.

Predict: I think it’s a number equation using Addition or subtraction.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.


1. 28 is the solution to the equation.

2. 45 subtract 8 gave me 37 so 37 has to be the answer.

3. Put 37 in the empty box.

Summary: The strategy I used was to do subtraction then addition.








100WC Week #22

I woke up in a fright! I had a bad dream of this scary house. the next day when I was walking to school I saw the exact same house in my dream. It had all the same features the swing was still swinging when no one was on it, the windows were half open, there was no lights on, there was a rocking chair that would swing on it’s own with no wind, The garden was unattended to and cobwebs. I was so scared I ran into a pole. After school I told my mum about It and she didn’t believe me. So I faced my fears and knocked on the door and someone came out and said “BOO!” I ran so fast that I was so scared believing that house was haunted.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 1 Problem

Question 24: Fill in the missing number. 13+_ +35 =80

Predict: I think this is a number problem. I predict I will have to use addition and subtraction.

Clarify: The blank box means that you need to write the answer in.


1. Add 13 +35 together. The answer is 48.

2. Subtract 48 from 80. the answer is 32.

3. Fill in the empty box with the answer 32.

Summary: The strategy I used was to make a number sentence.

Class Application

Dear Jess,

My name is Malia. I am 10 turning 11 years old. I like Swimming, Gymnastics and netball. I am very quiet but I’m a very good listener. I learnt to keep trying to do something hard at swimming and that’s what I’ll try to do in class. At netball my team works together and in class when you’re in a group you’re in a group you have to work as a team.

I believe I am an excellent listener. I listen to the teacher and my peers when they are talking. When their talking I focus on what they say and not anything else. For example when we were doing the value of our name. I listened but I didn’t understand so I asked the people on my table for help and I understood. So that’s why I’m a good listener.

I believe I never give up. I never give up because when I’m stuck I keep trying until I get it right. For example when we were doing the value of my name. We were finding words to make a total of $20-$50-$100-$150. It was hard so me and my partner kept on trying until we found a word to make $20. That’s why I never give up.

I believe that I work as a team. I work as a team because in a team you work together and in class you work together. For example in class when you have a task and you’re in a group you collaborate. So that’s why I work as a team.

In conclusion that’s why I want to be in 5/6 A because I’m an excellent listener, I never give up and I work as a team.

My High Quality Expectations Rubric





Grammar Incorrect spelling Few incorrect words Perfect spelling
Effort Little effort Good effort Perfect effort
Maths Not working out a lot of mistakes A little working out a few mistakes A lot of working out no mistakes
Use of time Wasting time Good time usage Perfect time usage
Spacing Inconsistent spacing Good spacing Perfect spacing